Unbelievable!!!!!, the film, is an homage and parody of B-rated Science Fiction movies of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  The dialogue is intentionally stilted and wooden as are the special effects. The sets, costumes and props are all purposefully of makeshift quality. However, the plot is solid and propels the characters through the entire story as though it has a serious intent or statement. Screenplay by Steven L. Fawcette.


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Executive Producer, Writer & Director - STEVEN FAWCETTE

Executive Producer, Producer & Actress - ANGELIQUE FAWCETTE

Executive Producer & Producer - PAUL LISAK

Executive Producer & Producer - BUSTER PELSTER

Executive Producer & Producer - MOSES CASTENEDA

Cinematographer - THOR WIXOM








Time Travel, Flying Saucers, Global Destruction. "The Archangels Of Dreamland" is a fact-based thriller. It is the story of the Hart family who uncovers the truth behind 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico. What they find is a labyrinthine conspiracy and a technology from the future that can destroy the world.  As they race against the clock, the Harts pierce the impenetrable shield of secrecy surrounding a covert government agency and learn of its plans to use the very same technology to alter history as it had once before. Only this time, the agency plans to unleash supernatural forces capable of causing disasters on a global scale -- unless the Harts can find a way to stop them in time. Written by Steven L. Fawcette.


"A riveting book that deftly blends facts with fiction.  Grab The Archangels of Dreamland while you can." -- Publishers Weekly

"An epic, wildly imaginative adventure with plenty of jaw-dropping set pieces along the way.  The author tells a compelling story with an imagination that often left me in awe..." -- Chris Green, Motion Picture Producers Guild of America

"As Senior Editor at Ace, Bantam and Doubleday.  I worked with many successful authors like Isaac Asimov, Peter Straub, Dean Koontz and Stephen King, but I don't know when I've read a novel that was this much fun.  The Archangels of Dreamland is tremendously entertaining and a super read..."  --  Patrick J. LoBrutto, Senior Editor

"Cinematic, clever and chillingly real...."  --  Vivian E. Garcia  -- Author of REC:ord


Archangels II: The Grigori is the eagerly-awaited sequel to the North American Booksellers' 2006 Pinnacle Award winner, The Archangels of Dreamland. The Hart family attempts to make the secrets of Roswell known to the world, but in order to succeed they must battle a covert government agency, as well as The Grigori...five fallen archangels hell-bent on revenge. Lucifer's minions have a secret agenda of their own...targeting their insatiable wrath upon the Hart's newborn sister, Hope. Filled with explosive action and shocking revelations, Archangels II is a direct continuation of the modern cult classic.  Written by Steven L. Fawcette.



"Drawing on a body of folklore involving UFO's, alien technology and biblical prophecy, Fawcette spins a gripping story filled with a varied cast of characters, lots of action, and a victim straight from the pages of the Book of Revelations."  --  Library Journal

"The Archangels of Dreamland documents Steven Fawcette as a gifted storyteller and is confidently recommended to the attention of science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts."  --  Midwest Book Review

"A new and unusual take on what the Roswell aliens really were.....It reflects a dreamlike quality that makes the story interesting"  --  Lincoln Heights Literary Society