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ARCHANGEL FILMS LA, LLC is an independent film company based in Los Angeles, California, looking to create quality action, comedy and thriller films with an esoteric and a thought-provoking edge














(L to R ~ Michael Madsen, Snoop Dogg & Steven L. Fawcette on set)

FOUNDER, CCO, WRITER, DIRECTOR - STEVEN L. FAWCETTE​    worked for many years at a major advertising agency in New York City where he wrote dozens of industrial and commercial film scripts for Fortune 500 corporate clients. He was later employed by a large defense contractor, writing proposals directly for the Department of Defense, which required him to obtain a Top Secret clearance. This experience immersed him in the world of the U.S. military, providing him access to Government installations and programs not known to exist by the general public.​​ In 1999, Mr. Fawcette began to formulate the concept of a grand apocalyptic science fiction / political saga which he entitled The Archangels of Dreamland. It was the first in a planned series of seven novels, with the sequel Archangels II: The Grigori released in May, 2008. The book, which won the prestigious Pinnacle Award as best Action-Adventure novel of 2006 from the National Booksellers’ Exchange, has received positive reviews from The NY Times Book Review, Kirkus, Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal to name a few. Mr. Fawcette has also penned a 150 page screenplay for the Project. He is currently writing the third installment of the series, Archangels III: Home of the Brave.​ His original screenplay for Unbelievable!!!!! was first written in 1977 while attending the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida as an undergraduate​​.








(L to R, DP Thor Wixom, Crew & Angelique Fawcette on set)



In 2012, Angelique Fawcette was engaged to produce her first Feature Film, titled "Unbelievable!!!!!", which she and her husband personally cast 42 previous Star Trek stars, additionally they hired and cast Snoop Dogg, Michael Madsen, Robert Davi, Katarina Van Derham and Gilbert Gottfried in this mentioned film. Angelique and her husband took the 12 hour route from California to New Mexico and back to meet and hire Star Trek TOS Legend, Emmy-Winning, Oscar Nominated, Composer Gerald Fried to compose their film score for their film "Unbelievable!!!!!", Fried accepted. Gerald Fried is the last living Composer from the Original 1960’s Star Trek Series. Angelique produced a 3-day Film-Score Recording Session organizing a 29-piece orchestra also including the following individuals, TOS Star Trek "Spectre of the Gun" and "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly", Bass Harmonica Player Tommy Morgan, Grammy and Oscar Winning Keyboard Player Dave Grusin, and Guitarist Michael Anthony. Angelique also worked as the Lead Producer, Unit Production Manager, and Line Producer producing and organizing all production days for the Feature Film "Unbelievable!!!!!". She also became an Executive Producer after raising a significant amount of funding for this mentioned film, 1.7 Million out of the 3.8 Million that it cost to fund the entire film. While performing these tasks, Angelique also had a supporting role in "Unbelievable!!!!" in which she auditioned for prior to her roles within the company. Angelique also produced and organized the Private Sneak-Peek World Premiere, (for Investors, Actors, and Crew), of “Unbelievable!!!!!” The Movie at the TCL Mann’s Chinese Theater 6 on 9/7/2016.  She selected and hired the Publicist as well as Red Carpet company and secured locations for the show as well as the reception.  The Premiere garnered 33 media outlets in attendance including ABC Channel 7, in which her Premiere was featured on the evening’s 11’ o’clock news. Angelique also was invited to promote her film along with her Friend, Co-Producer and Co-Star Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura on The Original 1960’s Star Trek) on KTLA Channel 5 Morning News the day before the Premiere, 9/6/2016. "Unbelievable!!!!!" sneak-peek showing was on the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. "Unbelievable!!!!!" is now available for sale on Amazon HD. Since the Premiere of “Unbelievable!!!!!” Angelique has been offered additional films to produce, along with her and her husband’s company Archangel Films LA’s slate.  Angelique is also an Executive Member of WOMEN IN FILM LOS ANGELES. Angelique Fawcette is a hands-on Producer, Business Owner and lives her life on positivity and the belief that anything is possible and in addition to her love for creating quality productions, a quality set environment, and performance, Angelique Fawcette is an advocate of hiring responsible entry-level individuals in open positions within her company forwarding them the opportunity to accomplish their life-goals. Angelique enjoys offering guidance to anyone personally but also specifically to film-makers working to build their own careers.  Angelique is also an Elder Abuse Activist, fighting for the rights of the Elderly.




​Angelique also worked in the field of Risk and Loss Prevention for eight years, subsequently she worked in the Defense Industry where she received her clearance thus managing various naval contracts. She also has a background in business management and has an excellent technical sense. Creatively Angelique also works as an actress, see IMDB and





Executive Producer - BUSTER PELSTER

Executive Producer - PAUL LISAK

"The more you praise and celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate." Oprah Winfrey

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